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I’m kinda hoping I’m the last one to give you a s/o for my beautiful best friends birthday. Mi mejor amiga de vida y forever. I love you tremendously and knowing that the possibility of growing up, and also seeing tou grow up makes me feel like you will never leave my life. You’re another year older and time keeps going on but hey, ahí estas y yo tambien Mari. I truly hope you enjoyed yourself and God willing, we’ll make it to 22.
Happy Birthday Mari.


I just wanna let you know that you’re the first person to do any of this and it means volumes to the people who do wear the Hijab, and people like me who knows my mother wears a Hijab and there’s people who are actually gonna defend her when something like this happens.

[Girl:] I think it’s completely ridiculous that no one stopped.

Are you even Muslim?

[Girl:] No.

But you know what a Hijab is and you choose to defend her for it.

[Girl:] Yeah.

And you are the reason we’re gonna start changing as a people and you’re the reason like, you’re the hope, you’re the spark of hope - you’re the Katniss in this. Seriously she’s Katniss Everdeen everybody! Power to the people!

The Terrorist Hijabi Experiment - Youtube


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